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As the number one Los Angeles web design company, Authority Solutions® Los Angeles understands the importance of getting your website to rank in the search engine results pages, for the following reasons:


  • It affects your presence on the Internet and in building your online brand

  • It helps to make your site easy to read on all platforms, including mobile, tablet and PC

  • It makes it easy to navigate your website and for customers to find what they want

  • It provides quality content to engage customers, and keep Google happy

  • It increases your visibility in searches

  • It gives you the all-important increase in traffic that you need




There are many free website builders available which enable you to build your own website using a template. However, you have no control over it, should anything go wrong. Designs are often common and ordinary, without the features needed to attract and engage your customers.


Plus, you are often at the mercy of the developers who can simply change the design at any time. This will not only affect your content, but organic search engines may reject it. Authority Solutions® Los Angeles will customize your site according to YOUR requirements.


  • We will make your website crisp, clean and professional

  • Your website will be organized and easy to navigate

  • Your site will be responsive, meaning that it will look good on all browsers and screen sizes

  • We will customize your site according to YOUR requirements

  • We will increase your traffic so that you rank at the top of result pages in search engines

  • In turn, this will convert users to customers

  • Authority Solutions® Los Angeles will work with you to help you achieve your business goals


You will not get a “one-fits-all” type of website when you hire the Authority Solutions® Los Angeles, web development Los Angeles team. You will get a site that is as individual as your business is, and one that will give you the competitive edge your business needs to dominate your competition.  


That is why you need the help of skilled SEO professionals from Authority Solutions® Los Angeles, the top los angeles web design agency that has both the experience and expertise to create a website that really works for you. While many people think that simply building a website is enough to generate the traffic that is needed to make sales, there is so much more that needs to go on behind the scenes to enable a site to rank at the top of the search engine result. Without this exposure, it is unlikely that your website will pull in the kind and quantity of customers you need. Visit us at


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